Car number 6 was once part of the JCB collection and was acquired by D & D for their first Global Rally Organisation trip,  which was in fact their first ever trip.   She’s an XK 150S.

Occasionally called Josephine, she performed outstandingly well all the way through the Andes from the top to the bottom of South America (apart from the small matter of a lost core plug and all her water in Potosi, which was, after all, one of the highest cities in the world … oh and lots of her petrol from a leaking tank).

She has had many adventures in Europe since, with Ecurie Ecosse and others, and although she does not have nearly enough room for hats or legs, and getting her around corners can be a real workout, she is much loved.

Not by just D&D either, this was one of  reaction to her in Peru!

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