Gerry and Corrie don’t have a name for their Jaguar XK150 DHC so she’s been nicknamed “the nameless one” for this rally.

Not that this rally is the car’s first either, far from it.   The first one  was a Winter Trial from Maastrict to Monte Carlo in February 2001 shortly after Gerry and Corrie bought her.  Gerry and Corrie did this trip a few times before deciding that summer touring might be more their cup of tea and got involved with the GRO.   They are now firmly part of the group’s backbone.

Since then “the nameless one” has really clocked up the miles having been in Australia and Tasmania, Argentina , a tour through Scandinavia and St Petersburg and four of the Global Rallies (all of them in fact except the first).

We look forward to adding Indochina to this list!

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