Pearl wasn’t just a singer, she is also car number five on our rally this year.

Though “technically” not officially christened Pearl just yet as that will happen when she has a full body strip and repaint after the rally, but it’s a more romantic term than UFF349 for now!   The car’s original colour was Pearl Grey and so when the work is finished (undertaking it prior to the rally was not advisable!) Pearl will be born.

Pearl is owned by Lee and Mandy who were originally looking for an XK140 to do a full restoration but then heard about this car before it was advertised, two years ago.   The previous owner had the car for 30 years Lee and Mandy believe that whilst the car was in good overall “MOT pass” condition it lacked the sparkle Lee and Mandy knew was hiding underneath.

A deal was done and a systematic mechanical restoration lead Lee and Mandy to their first rally last year in the Italian lakes and Swiss mountains where the GRO’s 2018 rally was discussed – and the rest, as they say, is history.

Following that last rally, a new full suspension rebuild was done, all new brakes were fitted and electronic power steering was installed to replace the previous hydraulic system that saw tight turns very challenging on the Stelvio pass !

It’s so much nicer to be able to get round corners…


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