The Global Rally Organisation  was created for people who relish a challenge, have an interest in classic cars and yet have a wider perspective of life beyond their motorcars.

The GRO is a non-profit making organisation. The charge for all rallies will be “at cost”, save for a pre-stated administration fee for organising the event and the shared cost of the service / medical crew. We are able to do this as we will also be participating in the adventure and the countries are ones we wish to visit.

We aim to drive as much tarmac as possible. It is unnecessary to source more difficult terrain, work to a timetable and generally wage a war of attrition on the cars and their occupants. We particularly want the driver’s partner to feel comfortable and reassured from the start concerning back-up, security and support in the event of a breakdown or accident. It is important to us that on our return, no-one should feel that the itinerary was so tough that it affected the overall enjoyment.

The challenge is in the adventure and distance to be travelled, not the terrain or imposing time schedule.

Night driving is avoided at all costs and we aim to be at our hotel by late afternoon.

By limiting the numbers to a maximum of 25 cars, it ensures that we will all be able to stay together in one hotel.

Each event will be supported by a number of 4×4’s who will assist in carrying boxes of spares, towing and providing a spare seat if necessary.

Every rally will be supported by a qualified automotive engineer which in our case is the hugely experienced Paul Marsh. Paul has provided support on all our rallies and his skill at repairing cars in the middle of nowhere is quite unique. “Driven to Extremes” – a three part documentary filmed for Shell, chose Paul to prepare 2 vehicles and provide technical support for an expedition that took them to – 60C in Siberia and to + 60C in China and then finally deep into the Malaysian jungle. His most recent adventure was a Siberian challenge – 20,000 kms in 2 months. He now lives in Cape Town and continues to prepare overland vehicles and their owners for global travel.

The founding partners have participated in the longest two classic car rallies in history-the 2000 Around the World in 80 days rally and the 2005 London-Sydney Friendship Rally which they organised.The Global Rally Organisation is now run by past participants of these Rallies, led by Robin Morrison who has driven every one of the five adventures so far..

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