Our next rally will be our sixth.   If you would like a feel for what the rallies are like, then do have a look at the following pages.  Some of these are round ups by participants after the fact and some are the itinerary before we set off but they do give you a flavour of the events.

Our intention is to do daily updates from the Vietnam / Myanmar / Vietnam trip as technology has moved on from our first trip in 2005 and now makes this easier to achieve!

It all started in 2005 with London to Sydney, a three month journey that really was quite the adventure and has been our longest rally to date at over 18,000 miles.   Here Neil gives us his round up of the trip:  London to Sydney 2005

In 2008 we drove from Panama to Alaska.    Sixteen classic cars drove the 11,000 miles through nine countries and here David gives us his account of the trip:  Panama to Alaska 2008

Our next trip was in Rallye Med in 2010.  This was quite the trip and we are lucky enough to have a comprehensive round up of the trip, thanks to the collective efforts of all who joined the trip.  You can read them all here:  Rallye Med 2010

2012 saw us do La Gira Andina and we don’t have a personal account after the trip but we do have the itinerary here in three posts that gives you a flavour of the trip:  Days 1 to 16  ,  Days 17 to 34  and finally days 35 to 55

2016 was a Pan American Rally taking 37 of the best driving routes in America.   This resulted in over 11,000 miles covering 37 States in just seven weeks.   An easier drive in some respects as the terrain was more straight forward than in some previous trips but that didn’t make it any less of a challenge.    We have broken this down into seven posts and they can all be found from this page here:  Pan America 2016

For a flavour of what the rallies are about, below are a selection of photographs taken on the trips.   They really do capture the essence of what it is we are about, friendship, and seeing the world


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