I really hope this morning that everybody has overcome any jetlag, managed to get most of the laundry done and are now looking forward to a peaceful weekend, maybe with some rugby and a cold G&T this afternoon.

I am reminded looking through all these photographs again by how much everybody crammed into the trip, aside from driving 8,500 kms in five weeks.  Temple walks, early morning visits for the monk parade, elephant bathing to name a few!

This is my next group of favourite photographs with some of those highlights

This is one of those stories that will be brought up at family dinners for many years to come.  A misdemeanor with paperwork thirteen years ago resulting in a ban from entering Thailand until a potential fine of $100 a day for each of those thirteen years was paid.  A total of $475,000.  It then transpired there is an upper limit on the fine, and that it was in fact in Bhat not Dollars so worked out at £225 in the end!

More selfies in front of the cars in every town you stopped!

It was lovely to see the cars being blessed by Monks.

Seemed border controls were a bit lax here and it was perfectly fine to nip over and have coffee before coming back.  The bridge, however, didn’t look the safest of methods for crossing the river so a paddle was in order.

I thought this shot of the reflection was just magical.

Another chapter in the “things you can transport on a motorbike” book.


I love the idea of a troupe of dancers welcoming you at this hotel.  They certainly looked colourful!

I imagined the conversation to be something like “You have come from where?!”

If only every interaction with the police whilst driving was just for a selfie!


This is brilliant.  Charlotte making sure the temple didn’t fall!

It seemed that no matter what mechanical problem cropped up there was always a fix.  Either with spare parts shipped with the car, or in the back of a local garage.  And that local mechanics were only too happy to assist.

There was certainly evidence of roads being built following heavy investment in various parts of the trip, most of it done by hand.  By women with the men supervising.  Still time for a cheery wave though!

This is the sort of thing that must surely be on a lot of people’s bucket list: helping to bathe an elephant.  I adored these pictures and was very envious!


This actually made me cry when I heard about it.  Planting mango trees paid for by Neil M as part of the tradition that you give on your birthday, not receive, a small part of the rally left behind for years to come before the fruit is picked and sold to support Zani’s charity.   Just gorgeous.

More evidence of road construction, and just what the cars were subjected to!

I love this pic as it was sent to me a local chap who had spotted the cars whilst working in his shop.  He found the website and sent an email with photos he had managed to capture.  Such a thoughtful thing to do.

I loved the people that you all met along the way, especially the women who were making things, running their own businesses.  These head dresses were stunning and very much a local tradition.  It really suits Jo!

Further evidence of a fix always being available in a local garage, no matter what the issue.

This might have to be an appendix to the motorbike book, how many people (and chickens) can you get on a tractor

I just love this.  Seems even the cow is doing a double take

It was lovely to learn about the etiquette of meeting monks and how they collect food for the day, before dawn.  Fascinating.

No caption necessary

So colourful against a dusty background.

Stunning to think that thirteen years after being in this spot on the London to Sydney Rally these cars are still going strong and were back in the same place again.   Just incredible.

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