It’s really hard looking at photographs of sunshine and people in shorts when there is three inches of snow on the ground outside!  But here we go with my final set of 25.  Again, many thanks to all the participants on the rally for letting me share your photographs along the way   If you want to see more photographs then do look at the Destination Rally Facebook page, there are some beautiful shots from the trip.

This was taken before the Zipwiring trip, and really made me think “they are all mad”!

As a lover of Instagram I would have been a nightmare on this trip, stopping every five minutes to take another photograph to share.  Especially ones like this.

Fruit bats?  This story will be retold forever more, I am sure!


Who can resist photographs of children dressed so colourfully?!

Stunning scenery


This trip sounded incredible, and the pictures were stunning.


Can you imagine building a road with molten tar in flip flops in this country?!

No matter the issue there always seemed to be a fix, another day, another puncture and yet it was still possible, even in a remote town to get it repaired.


I thought this story was fabulous.  A missing phone, found by two young men who took it home, was then reunited at the hotel.   Wonderful.


Back to that book about motorbikes again.  This one entitled “bike on bike”

I thought this was wonderful, seeing planting going on the fields, it soon became a “there are foreigners helping” event and one I am sure the village will remember for a very long time.

Daddy taking his daughter to work day?

I found this ever so slightly terrifying if I am honest!  The idea of being able to drive this road whilst it is not only being constructed, but huge amounts of earth are being shifted over it scares the living daylights out of me yet is just another driving day on the rally.

This!  I would have been worried about doing this in a 4×4 let alone a low slung sports car.  Incredible that you all managed it relatively unscathed

Another one that I would have stood in awe looking at, and photographing for instagram

Chapter 14 of the motorbike book!

What a smile!


The story of Zani being flow in to surprise Bruno on his birthday was just beautiful.  So a wonderful thing to have done, and well done for keeping it all a secret everybody!

I loved just loved this picture of girls together, so innocent and colourful

The market shots that I saw were the ones I zoomed in on, desperate to see everything on sale, wishing I could smell them, and hear the hustle and bustle of every day life there too.


I loved the expression on this lady’s face!

This is such a stunning piece of road.

Oh gosh this made me sad.  The final procession of the cars to the port ready for loading.


And is there any more appropriate picture with which to end the 100?  I think not.   What an incredible group of friends.

I will leave you with the words in Robin’s song from the final evening:

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