I probably should have paced myself a bit more.  I realised yesterday that I only looked through about a week’s worth of photos and already had forty pictures I wanted to re-share!  So many great shots, and shared stories that it really is difficult to pare it down to 100, or just 75 now!    But here goes with the next twenty five.

The floating market on the Mekong sounded incredible and the photos of the various sellers on their boats really brought the stories to life for me.   I loved this chap with his pile of pineapples.

I think the Global Rally should write a book entitled “Stuff you can get on a motorbike”.   Supplies for the restaurant maybe?  No need for a van when you have some strong tape and sturdy boxes!

I love the guy on the tractor on the left, doing a double take as Gerry and Corry pick their way through the traffic.

Yep.  A dog in an anorak.   This still  makes me laugh everytime I see it.

Another one where navigating local life looks like a real challenge!

This picture gave me a real sense of just how bumpy the roads could be!


I love this picture of this little girl.  She was helping her mum at work, with the promise of being able to go home as soon as the work was finished so the quicker they got it all done the better!


There is something about boats lined up on a river that I find really calming, especially brightly coloured ones like these.

I think there were pigs up ahead that Molly Porsche was trying desperately hard to avoid!

I loved the shots of you all together for lunch, you can almost hear the laughter!  And relief at the arrival of cold drinks.

I am sure there was a real feeling of “hooray, tarmac” when the off road stuff was left behind and everybody got out of second gear!

I had seen photographs of these fishermen in the Route Book but couldn’t believe this was actually how they fished, until the photos arrived showing that it is exactly how they do it.   Allowing both hands to be free to use the huge nets.

Again it is the local people that fascinate me.  Wishing I could sit with them and share a cup of tea as they tell me about their lives.

Am I the only person who looks at these roads in the cardamon mountains and thinks “Did that really happen”?!

Ditto driving past wild animals!

If I had to pick a photograph in a year’s time that I remember the most from your trip, I think it might be this one!

Charlotte welcomed everybody to the hotel with a hastily made “Well Done” sign after all those roads.  What a day!

Seems “arrests” were common in every country on the trip.   Though the “fine” seemed to be just a selfie.

I was very envious of the trips to the temples, surely something on most people’s bucket lists.

Another one for the motorbike book!

Your candlelit dinner looked magical and I am sure was a highlight for many.

It was lovely to see Tony and Karen arrived having been slightly delayed in the UK.  Their car following on a truck until finally being reunited in Cambodia.

And another pic of the cars all lined up.  I know hotels are very carefully chosen to ensure there is space for cars to be parked safely and this one demonstrates exactly that.   Quite the sight for any other guests I am sure!

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  1. What a wonderful rally, I will really miss the daily blog and felt as if I was on the trip at times.
    It looked very challenging but above all, fun. Well done to all the participants. You have such amazing stories to tell.

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